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Newsletter October 2000

First Issue
October, 2000
Circulation: 2913


1.- Our Bulletin has finally begun!!
2.- Members' Section
3.- Gaudi Press
4.- New Links
5.- 2002: The Year of Gaudí
6.- Courses and Conventions
7.- Our store
8.- Members' Projects

1. Our Bulletin has finally begun!!

Just as I told you in my last email, we have created a modest bulletin with news and novelties in the fields of Gaudí and Barcelona, and with the latest updates to the Club's webpage.

We will attempt to release this bulletin every month, so that you can all stay current on our activity, and that of our members.

We want you all to collaborate, meaning that if you have any suggestions or if you want to comment on one number in particular, all you have to do is tell us!

Thanks for reading!! :-)

2. Members' Section

Since the last informative e-mail that we sent you, we have received various messages with photographs taken by our members. As you already know, any form of collaboration or contribution to this site is welcomed by the Club and will be published in the Members Section.

This month we added:

  • John Huges, of Ireland, made out of stainless steal a Dragon Gate,similar to that of La Finca Güell.

  • Jan-Martign Verlaan, of Holland, sent us some beautiful photographs of La Pedrera (Casa Mila) and a video of Sagrada Familia.

  • Guy Crosley, an Australian artist, sent us photographs of his work in "trencadís" (tiles) from his faraway continent. They're really spectacular; don't miss them!

    We are in the process of creating a new design for this section -- your section -- and we want to know what you would like to see here in the future. For the moment, we have thought about adding the following categories:

  • Forum for Debate
  • Didactic Material (books, CD-ROM, videos, etc.)
  • The work of artists inspired by Gaudí's style
  • Member collaboration (photos, written texts, etc.)
  • Advice for traveling in Barcelona
  • Gaudi Tours we've organized
  • Stats about our members (where are they from?, how many are there?, etc.)

    3. Gaudí Press

    We have added three articles which deal with three diverse themes:

  • Beatification: Devotion to Gaudí begins before he enters sainthood.

  • Tourism: La Pedrera breaks record for tourist visits.

  • Relationship With Other Artists: FRIEDENSREICH HUNDERTWASSER: The Austrian Gaudí.

    4.- New Links

    We have received an email from the designers of the webpage of Sculptor Josep Ma. Subirachs, advising us of their new Internet address:

    We have made him a link in our "Links" section:

    Also a link to the official website of Sagrada Familia:

    San Diego artists Raymond Ellstad and Rosemary Kimbal should be able to find their website in our Links section.

    5.- 2002: The Year of Gaudí

    We have prepared a special site dedicated to news and information about the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Gaudí, the year 2002 in Barcelona.

    So you can find it easily, we have registered the domains: and

    We will be adding much to this section in the near future

    6.- Courses and Conventions

    We take this opportunity to remind you that on the coming 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th of November, the Seventh International Convention of Gaudi Studies will be celebrated in Delft, Holland.

    You can read more information about this in the "Gaudi News" section of our site:

    We also have information about the monographic course about the work of Gaudí given by Luis Gueilburt at the University Polytechnics School of Barcelona.

    7. Our Store

    As you know, our Club provides a store, in hopes that you will help support our project. If you've never visited the store, take a look!

    Many members have asked for posters and books; I promise you that very soon we will add those items.

    For now, we have posted a multimedia CD-ROM about Gaudí and his work that contains a synoptic biography of the architect and his work, 150 unpublished images, 20 minutes of video, an original soundtrack and a map so that you can easily locate the works of Gaudí. You can watch it 8 different languages:

    8. Members Projects

    We want to support, within our abilities, our Club's members; this is why we present your creations on our site.

    In this case, Roberto Pachado, one of our members, artist, native of Peru and resident of Barcelona, offers us his work, some magnificent serigraphs based on the work of Gaudí. For now, they are only accessible through at a special price of US $200. Sometime in the next month, we will post them in our store at their normal price: 225 US $. If you are trying to think of a unique gift or something with which to decorate your walls, this is a great option!

    Comments and Suggestions:

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