W ho is Eduard Solé?

As a graphic designer and photographer during my life, I had the opportunity to develop my sense of observation. I spent many hours taking pictures and thinking about how to make innovations in the artistic field.

I began to work in this area 13 years ago while I was studying in Barcelona for my career in Graphic Design. Back in those days, I used to experiment with my classmate, Ramon, with ways of capturing all kinds of strange pictures. I remember one particular night taking shots without the flash and allowing a long exposure time from the window of my car while it was moving; the result was incredible.

I began to work during my second year of studies. My first job was as the assistant to a graphic designer in a tiny studio, where I worked long hours without pay, but learned all of the tricks of the trade. The part of my work I liked best at that time was creating new logos, and I remember hating transfering those letters (called "letraset"), since there were no computers and I had to do it all manually.

Two years later, I was given the opportunity to run the publicity photo department and be a part of the creative team at a local advertising agency in Barcelona. This was a big responsibility for me, as all work relating to photography in any way fell under my attention. I must confess that, at first, I was scared. My first photo session, when I had to take pictures advertising some clothes-dying product, was a huge disaster. A female model came from Mallorca and I nervously began the session. Once I had finished, I went immediately to develop the rolls, and...all of the pictures came out dark! I couldn't believe it. You can imagine what my new boss's reaction would have been if he caught sight of the ruined photos. To avoid this possibility, I ran to the airport, hoping the model had not yet left and that she wouldn't be opposed to returning with me to repeat the session. Luckily for me, she was still there and agreed to return with me and shoot the photos again. This time it was a success!

After four years doing this sort of work, the creative team made up of two colleagues and myself decided to found our own Graphic Design and Creative Studio. We spent three very intense years working together. Our main work was creating campaigns for big advertising agencies and designing graphics: brochures, logos, magazine ads, etc., for our own clients.

More and more every day, my interest was drifting elsewhere... I wanted to learn about the Internet, which was still new concept in Spain in those days. I fantasized about working in this huge and creative field with so many amazing possibilities, so I left my friends and created my own Company, SOLE CREATIVOS, S.L.

It was so difficult in the beggining. I had only two clients and I was all alone. I had no money and asked for credit at a variety of banks, each of which asked me for properties as a warranty, but I didn't have anything. At last a close friend of mine agreed to sponsored me and I was finally able to obtain credit. With that, I purchased my first Macintosh, and set out to begin designing. A few months later, a client closed his company that I had been working with and I was edging towards bankruptcy. Once again I received support, this time from my family, and again I was able to keep my hopes alive. As time went by, things started going better, and the improvement continues through today. Now, I can truly say that I am glad I made the decision to start a business of my own. I now I have my own team of workers and a great office, where we work everyday to develop new and innovative projects.

And, why Gaudi? Why Barcelona?
Well, since as far back as I can remember, I have always been a great admirer of Antonio Gaudi and have always loved this city (Barcelona), so I thought to myself, "I must use this to transmit to people what I know and see everyday on my way to work - the incredible modernist buildings of this city, the atmosphere of Barcelona, its people, its 'fiesta'". I said to my team, "Let's create a place for people who love art, architecture, Barcelona, Spain, and Gaudi...," and thus the Gaudi & Barcelona Club was born.

I love to share with people and you can find me in the office any day, so if you ever are passing through Barcelona, I would be happy to say hello and help you out with anything you might need. .

Eduard Solé
Solé Creativos, S.L. - Gaudí & Barcelona Club.
Provenza, 519 sobreático. 08025 Barcelona (España)
Telfs: +34 93 450 07 75 y +34 93 450 08 26 - Fax: +34 93 433 43 99
sole@sole.es - www.sole.es

The Team

Montse Pociello
Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She helps in designing this site and taking care of our members. Montse is from Lleida (Spain); she works and lives in Barcelona. And, she's getting married this week! Congratulations!

Karlus Martínez
Studying Technical architecture at the University of Barcelona. He does our research on Gaudi, his life and works. Karlus is from Barcelona.

Josep Giralt
International Marketing M.D. Born and living in Barcelona.
He has a great experience in all related to the publicity, promotions and organization of congresses and conventions. Also he has written and published several books, and he directs the department of sales of our club. Contact directly with him for all questions related to these subjects.

Wanda Loskot
The Coach. She helps us build this site correctly and gives us professional advice on how to manage the site. Wanda lives in a small town called Carrboro, NC, USA.

Chad Nielsen
Professional Translator. He does the translation of this project from Spanish to English. He is from California and lived Utah, but recently moved to Barcelona. Welcome Chad!

Nieves Gulias
Graphic Designer. Born and living in Barcelona. She likes to travel, read, and go out with her friends on the weekends. Sorry guys, Nieves is already married...(sigh).

Jordan Susselman
Public Relations. When you schedule tours with us or contact our website, you talk to him. Jordan is from San Diego and just graduated from UCLA, then decided to move to Barcelona. Welcome Jordan!

And special thanks to...

Luis Gueilburt,
Director of CEG (Centro de Estudios Gaudinistas)

Joan Bassegoda,
joan.bassegoda@cda.upc.es Director of Reial Càtedra Gaudí of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

... for their collaboration in this project.

Thanks Luis and Professor Bassegoda. We really appreciate your help!

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