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Roberto Pachado (Lima 1959) settles in Barcelona, Spain (1982) where he opens his silk screen printing workshop. Thanks to the great variety of colors and materials he works with, he's able to develop different techniques. He achieves the kind of light and color he wants depending upon the surfaces he works with, smooth or rough.
His silk screens,whose creation strongly depends upon the technique, allow him a wide range of possibilities to develop his own visions. This will lead him to the discovery of new meanings and therefore the need of strongly expressing them in this serie of works inspired by Gaudí
The technique he develops in this serie of works is based on a photographic medium, which he manipulates in two different ways, both using traditional methods but also computer softwares First he obtains hand painted and/or photolithographic stencils and then he begins preparing the screens, one by one, color by color, with a great amount of dedication and work. He finally achieves creating these pieces of artwork, rich in forms, colors and textures.
His vision, in which gather years of experience working with screen prints, his interest for the creative process, his knowledge and admiration for Gaudí, they all lead us to discover the details of this great masterpiece.

"After observing his buildings many times, and walking through his parks and terraces, I asked myself which would have been the best way to represent Gaudi onto a paper or a canvas. How could I imitate such beautiful artworks, so full of life and movement? I thought I might have tried exagerating his colors, so that they will search for armony and explode violently, as his buildings do."


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Limited edition to 100 units of each model.
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Drawing format (64 x 43cm)

Drawing format (61 x 40cm)

Drawing format (56 x 37 cm)

Drawing format (60 x 40cm)

Drawing format (85 x 35cm)

Drawing format (60 x 38cm)