Origamic Architecture
Ingrid Siliakus & Marivi Garrido introduce us into the Origamic Architecture, an interesting reproduction of architecture made with paper.

Interior and Exterior Design
Theodor Yuba from New Belgrade (Yugoslavia) has sent us pictures from his work which is inpired by Gaudí and Hundertwasser.

Members Section
4200 members! (10/25/2001)
In this section you can admire the fabulous works that some of our members are doing in the Gaudí Style.
If you are planning to visit Barcelona, let us prepare a tour for you. Take a guided visit through all of Gaudí's works.
We focus on group and company tours of the works of Gaudí. Our guides are art specialists.
Check out some of our past tours, itineraries, ....

We have already done two contests and we have, by the moment, the winners of the first one -- "Interview with Luis Gueilburt".
The winners are:
  • Jordi Baños
  • Michael Botts
    Using all of the questions that we received from our members we have already done two interviews. Here you can read both transcripts.
  • Luis Gueilburt (Director of the Gaudinist Studies Center of Barcelona)
  • Dr. Joan Bassegoda (Doctor of the "Catedra Gaudi" of Barcelona)
  • Etsuro Sotoo Sculptor working at Sagrada Familia NEW
    Many of our members have been sharing pictures, texts, panoramical views, etc.
    Send us your pictures and experiences!
    Are you planning to visit Barcelona?
    Here you will find some tips to keep in mind before travelling.
    If you have visited our city, please, tell us about your experience and we will publish it.
    Soon... we are working on it :)
    Finally! We have opened our forum for all of our members in order to allow for more website PARTICIPATION.
    Participate and enjoy it!
    Every month, our Club sends a free newsletter by e-mail to all of our members.
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