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Newsletter November2000

Second Issue
November, 2000
Circulation: 3008


1. -Casa Vicens
2. -Photos by our Members
3. -Articles in the Press
4. -New Links
5. -Gaudi Tour
6. -International Gaudi Conferences
7. -Curiosities Surrounding Sagrada Familia
8. -Our Store: New Items

1. Casa Vicens

This month, we present to you a new document on Casa Vicens. In reading, will become more familiar with this early work by Gaudi.

The next work with which we will present you will be the Parish Schools of Sagrada Familia. For the moment, you can view a selection of photos of this work, admired by architects around the world for its simplicity of construction and for its forms.

If you are interested in any particular work, just let us know and we will publish information on it as soon as we are able.

2. Members' Section

As we show you every month the photos that our Club's members have sent us during that month...

- Aleksander Kotuleci, of Poland, told us about how he passed his vacation in the Golden Cost, Catalonia (Costa Dorada, Catalunya):

- Ali and Rob sent us photographs of the interior of the apartment in Casa Mila (La Pedrera) that the savings bank "Caixa de Catalunya" -owner of the building- has decorated with furniture from the beginning of this century. Included are some photos taken from the roof as well:

- Gary, of New York, sent us this photograph of the interior of the Nativity Facade of Sagrada Familia:

- If you view Barcelona from a bench at Park Guell, you will see a panaoramic view with Sagrada Familia in the forefront, and with the Mediterranean Sea in the background. Gonzalo Campillo sent us a photograph of this sight:

3. Gaudí Press

This past 22nd of October, a part of the scaffolding in the Sagrada Familia construction which allowed for work to be done at an altitude of 45 meters, was taken down. The vaults of the nave, in all their vertical splendor, are now visible for the very first time. You can read more information in this article:

4.- New Links

This month we have added two websites to our section labeled "Links":

a) "Associacio cultural Cesar Martinell": Information on this disciple of Gaudi who knew Gaudi when he was a student and executed many works in the Gaudinist style throughout his life. (Currently only available in Catalan...sorry):

b) Glory Day Website: This 100-minute long feature film by Toni Meca allows us to view, for the first time ever, how Sagrada Familia will appear once complete:

5.- Gaudi Tour

As Public Relations for the Gaudi Club, Jordan Susselman accompanied a group of 30 women on a guided tour that had been organized by our Club. The group visited the most emblematic works of Gaudi and had a little "taste" of Catalan Culture as well. Here you can view some of the funny photos and read the tour report:

6.- International Gaudi Conferences

In Delf, Holland, from the 9th-12th of November, the VII International Conferences of Gaudinist Studies was celebrated. Our "multi-task Renaissance man" Carlos Martinez, was there to experience and get to know today's face of the world of Gaudi, and to introduce the Gaudi Club. Click here to read his article and to view the photos:

7. -Curiosities Surrounding Sagrada Familia

Many of you have asked us about the significance of a numbered matrix which appears between the sculptures on Sagrada Familia's Passion Facade. Well, for you, we have consulted Subirachs' website (artist who executed the facade after Gaudi's death), so that we could offer you a response ;) (scroll down the page and locate it at left hand side)

8. Our Gift Store Grows

As you know, all of the work we put in developing our Club and our website comes with an economic price. It is for this reason that all of the purchases you make in our store help keep our project alive. For the moment, we are avoiding putting advertisements on our site and we don't want to start charging people to become members in our club, so we encourage you to take a look:

Moreover, given that the holiday season is upon us, you can find some beautiful and distinct gifts for those whom you care most about.

We remind you that shipments to Europe arrive in 1-2 days, shipments to the United States arrive in 3-4 days, and shipments to the rest of the world arrive in 4 or 5 (assuming everything you have ordered is in stock).

This month we present to you the new Zippo lighters, designed by our team, with Gaudinist motifs. The Zippos are exclusively available through our Club, and can therefore only be obtained through visiting our website. Whadda ya' think?

Some of you have asked for 2001 Gaud calendars, you will find it as well.

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