Sept. 28, 2000.

This tour was a blast! While all of the men were locked up in lectures all day, I was given the privilege of accompanying about 30 of their brave and lovely wives on the full-day tour, with the goal of snapping a few photos for the webpage. The women - an eclectic mix from all over the United States and Europe - really impressed me with their fearless attitudes and stamina.

They jumped happily from Casa Batlló to Sagrada Família to Park Güell in the morning, asking questions and snapping pictures every step of the way.

They then managed to keep their energy levels high as we journeyed into the countryside, about an hour outside of Barcelona, for a cultural dining experience. I think the ladies would agree that this was the highlight of the day. There, we were seated at a large table in our own private room and offered all sorts of wines, salads, champagne, and other traditional Spanish foods, such as a rack-full of interesting-looking sausages (which most of the women were courageous enough to taste) and a plate of artichokes and calçots with homemade dipping sauce... more


Gas Processors Association Convention Photo Tour



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