Lara Fontana
Reggio Emilia. Italy

Lara is 22 years old and is studying Communication Sciences at the Modena and Reggio Emilia University.

She says that her love for Gaudí and Barcelona exploded last summer and now she miss them. "Barcelona is a wonderful city, full of life and beautiful places.

People is also very kind, but the aim of my trip was to see the incredible works of Gaudí.

What can I say about him?
He's simply the best! I was astonished by his magic touch! I expecially adore Casa Battló and Park Guell because they are fairy and enchanted places.

But words can't express what it feels walking along Barcelona! You need to try!""

Thanks a lot!

All the pictures has copyright Lara Fontana

"These are my photos of my trip in Barcelona last summer.
I spent 5 days there visiting the most important works of Gaudí.
Now you can finally publish them...:D"

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