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    If anybody asks me about Antoni Gaudí, as an architect, I can offer no answer but to recognize his genius. A genius which was often expressed in bad temper, according to testimonies that, for me, and indisputable.

    If anybody asks me about his Catholicism, I will have to recognize that he gave trustworthy signs of it in his work. Not only with the Sagrada Familia, where we could say that every stone has its meaning, but also in other temples he built, and the famous Pedrera, which was designed as a monument to the Virgin Mary, but was left unfinished.

    They say that Gaudí was a convert. If so, he did as most converts have since St. Paul, including St. Augustin, Chesterton and Papini: he was passionate. And while Chesterton wrote about the lives of saints, and Papini, a Life of Christ, he gave Christian meaning to every stone he laid.

    Was he a man of heroic virtues? Only he knew that, and I don't believe he told anybody. I think the ecclesiastic tribunal will have to work hard to fin out, especially if they want to reach - and they should - the truth of the issue, the intimate truth of Antoni Gaudí.

    Oriol Camps
    Catalunya Cristiana
    30 March 2000

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