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College of the Teresians

Located in the neighborhood of Sant Gervasi in Barcelona, at 85 Ganduxer Street, you will find the College of the Teresians, a work carried out between the years 1888 and 1890.

The initial project, whose architect is unknown, had planned a group of three buildings to be arranged in the form of a U. For reasons that are also unknown, Father Ossó, founder of the Company of Saint Teresa, passed the project over to Gaudí in March of 1889.

Just as he had done with the Sagrada Familia Temple, Gaudí found himself taking on another work already in progress, whose floor-plan had already been established; only an architect with Gaudí's great creative capabilities could complete, in such a short time (less than two years) and with such a limited budget, such a singular and functional building.

The building consists of a lower floor plus three stories on a rectangular plane, whose dimmensions are more or less 58x18 meters. On the lower and first levels are found the classrooms and corresponding offices, while the bedrooms of the nuns and students are located on the upper two floors.

The front entrance is attainable across a patio with a great parabolic arch, formed with two rows of advanced bricks, closed by a splendid, three-sectioned, forged-iron gate, decorated with characteristic symbols of the Teresian order. Above the patio stands a tribune which reaches as high as the second story of the building. The tribune's pediment contains a ceramic rendering of the Carmelite coat of arms of the congregation.

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