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  • This month of February, Saint Petersburg and Mexico City receive two exhibitions related with architect Antoni Gaudí and his work.

Barcelona, February 17th 2005. - Two cities, two cultures, two languages. Yet both admire the work of one and the same genius. This month of February, Russia and Mexico pay homage to Antonio Gaudí with the inauguration of two exhibitions dedicated to the architectonic legacy of the architect.

February 17th - March 12nd: “The Tower” in Saint Petersburg

This exhibition collects artistic works of children inspired by the architect's concept about the transformation of elements of Nature into architectural shapes. The exhibition's theme is The Tower : A spiral of elements from Nature used as architectonic decoration. The authors study at the Design Centre for Children, a Russian school specialised in visual teaching and based on new pedagogical technologies also applied and appreciated in Japan, China, Germany, England, Denmark, Belgium and other countries. It's the centre's purpose to develop the creative and harmonic personality of the child through activities of projects based on the study of the passed culture in the world. The project The Tower has been elaborated according to the student program "Organisation of the space", which is part of the multidisciplinary education program of the Design Centre for Children. The author of the program is Olga Kostuchenko .

Grafski pereulok, 4,
St. Petersburg, Rusia

February 23rd - May 29th: “Gaudí. Artist of all times” in Mexico City

Mexico City presents a great exhibition about the vision of the creative world of the prestigious architect Antonio Gaudí. This exhibition is of great didactic and historical documental value. Situated in the Antiguo Colegio of San Ildefonso of Mexico , it collects three-dimensional elements such as furniture, doors, mosaics and ironwork and scale models, besides other drawings of its collaborators. Gaudí, artist of all times will present more then 150 pieces belonging to the important Collection of the Architecture Museum of the Real Cátedra Gaudí, represented on the internet by the association Gaudí & Barcelona Club

Justo Sierra, 16, Centro Histórico Ciudad de México

More information (.doc) - available only in spanish

Gaudí's journeys

Even though he was interested in all kind of cultures as possible sources of inspiration, Gaudí didn't travel a lot. He had only been in Mallorca, Astorga , Leon and Andalusia . It seems that he also reached Tangier -yet this isn't confirmed- so as to study the ground where some Franciscan missions would be built. However, those missions never got realised. All the other histories about his travels are nothing more but fallacy journeys. Gaudí didn't move to Paris when his patron Eusebi Güell organised an exhibition dedicated to his work in 1910. He didn't go to New York on the assignment of some enigmatic businessmen to build this futuristic hotel. And he didn't go either to Chile , where today one is still struggling to realise his project of the Chapel in Rancagua.

However, today Gaudí is one of the most well know and admired architects of the world. Today, his work keeps on interesting and attracting crowds of people. A prove of this is the organisation of these two exhibitions, situated in two extremes of the world. The association Gaudí & Barcelona Club is pleased and proud to see how the figure and work of Gaudí keeps on being among alive all of us. The association has contributed to the worldwide diffusion of the exhibitions through its website

The poster of the exhibition "The Tower":

Free pictures about the exhibition “ Gaudí. Artist of all times”:
Montage of the exhibition, with reproduction of the aqueduct of Park Güell in Barcelona :

About the association “Gaudí & Barcelona Internet Club”

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