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    The different activities planned involve a budget of 15 million Euros (2.5 billion pesetas), and the inauguration event will be presided by Spain's Queen Sofía

    Barcelona.- Two days after the inauguration of the first exhibition of the International Year of Gaudí, coinciding with St. Anthony's Day, the event's Promotion Council met at the Albéniz Palace to present the entire range of activities that will be held in Barcelona and other cities to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Gaudí's birth.

    The event was presided by Joan Clos, mayor of Barcelona, Mr. Vilajoana, Minister of Culture in the regional government of Catalonia, Ferran Mascarell, City Councilor for Culture for the City of Barcelona, and Luis Alberto de Cuenca, Secretary of Culture in the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, before 118 promotional members of the event.

    The activities program has a total budget of 14 million Euros (2.5 billion pesetas), which will be financed by the City of Barcelona, the Catalan regional government, the Ministry of Culture and other public and private organizations.

    Various videos, CD-ROMs, guides, magazines and books have been published, highlighted by "Gaudí Miscel·lània 2002," which features the participation of art and architecture scholars and technical personnel from all over the world, analyzing the work of Gaudí from very diverse points of view.

    Some works of the Catalan architect which are not normally open to the public will also be open for visits this year, including Casa Batlló, the Col.legi de les Teresianes, the Bellesguard and Casa Vicens. Others, such as the Obrera Mataronense, have been restored.

    And, of course, the word "Gaudí" will fill Barcelona and other cities with interesting exhibitions, debates, conferences, guided tours, concerts, etc., which have been prepared for the entire year, but which will take place primarily from April to September.

    Daniel Giralt-Miracle, commissioner of the Year of Gaudí, pointed out that the intention of the program is to eschew stereotypes and postcards. It will allow both scholars and tourists to obtain a more profound knowledge of his work, by promoting Gaudí and his work form the intellectual and cultural perspective. Special attention has been focused on making Gaudí's work accessible to young visitors and schools.

    Carlos Martínez
    February 2002

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