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    Last summer, the advice director - instituted by the University of Barcelona and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia to promote the study, investigation, and diffusion of Gaudí's work and architectural ideas - met for his first time.

    Concreted in a signed collaboration agreement between the two universities, in the perspective of the celebrations of the Year of Gaudí which will be held in 2002, the principal objectives of this initiative are the creat a Gaudí Foundation and reestablish the Gaudí Shop, a meeting space for people and diverse gruoups of scholars and investigators. The agreement captures the interest manifested until now by the UB and the PUC in the work of Gaudí, an interest plasmaed into the "Cátedra Gaudí", situated in the pavillions of the old Finca Güell, in Pedralbes, property of the UB, where the PUC has sponsored many activities.

    In the framework of the Shop, which will be passed on to the Gaudí Foundation whenever it is constituted, people want to organize congresses, conferences, cycles, expositions, scholarship convocatories, etc. The Foundation will also be in charge of finding resources to conserve and maintain the Pavillions of Finca Güell, with the garden and the bibliographic background

    October 2001

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