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    "Gaudí and Images of Modernism" was the monographic topic which brought together experts in the architecture of Gaudí and Modernism, in the Eighth International Conferences of Gaudinian Studies, held from November 8th-10th, at the Catalonia National Museum of Science and Technique (MNACTEC), in Terrassa.

    As director of this year's conferences, Mireia Freixa, Phd. In Art History and professor in the Art History department at the University of Barcelona, was in charge of opening the event with an inaugural lecture, which preceded the inauguration of the "Images of Gaudí and Modernism in Terrassa" exhibition, carried out by students from the Terrassa School of Photography.

    The Friday session was initiated with a lecture by Eusebi Casanellas, the director of MNACTEC. The presentation focused on the relationship between Modernism and industrial patrimony in the city Egarense.

    Throughout the entire morning, architects, builders, and photographers gave lectures on the vision of architecture that people have from images, and how historic photographic archives, architect's drawings and projects, and postcards have been all but forgotten in the investigation of Gaudí and Modernism.

    For example, photographer Manel Armengol showed some incredible images of the roof of La Pedrera at night. The photos were taken during the 1980's, before the Bank of Catalonia had restored the Pedrera and opened it up to the public.

    The final part of the Conferences, although it was the shortest, was the most interesting. Joan Bassegoda, curator of the "Real Cátedra Gaudí", began by deciphering the symbolism in the wrought iron shield of Catalonia, which appears between the doors of Palau Güell.

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