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Centro de estudios Gaudinistas
Official site of Gaudinist Studies Centre in Barcelona. A non profit organisation dedicated to investigate Gaudí. Managed by Luis Gueilburt.
Sagrada Familia Official Website
Fantastic site with Flash effects. There you can get a lot of good info before you visit the Church. It is in Catalan, but soon it will be displayed in Spanish and English.
Sagrada Família site
Good site with information of the Cathedral. Collaboration of the Sagrada Familia organisation, the Politechnic University of Catalonia and Deakin University of Australia.

A Barcelona, Gaudí and art site
Raymond Ellstad and Rosemary Kimbal, Gaudi-club members and artists of Cardiff-by-the-sea, California, created this magnificent site. Here you can view their works and read about their adventures around Barcelona.

Glory Day Website
This 100-minute long feature film by Toni Meca allows us to view, for the first time ever, how Sagrada Familia will appear once complete.

New 7 Wonders
This site offers you the chance to participate in the world's first global internet vote to select the New 7 Wonders of the World. One of the choices is the Gaudí's Sagrada Familia.

Picasso official site
Discover the work of this brilliant artist. Lot of pictures of his works and information on Picasso events around the world.

Joan Miró Foundation
Exhibition center in Barcelona which seeks to foster research into Joan Miró's work and bring it to a wider audience.

Salvador Dalí Art Gallery
Very well designed website offering a wide range of Dalí's work. Produced by Mishka, say him hello!.

Official website of the sculptor who is doing the Pasion Fachade's sculptures at Sagrada Familia.

Niki de Saint Phalle site
Really a genial artist!. Enter to his Tarot Garden, a garden full of sculptures that remembers Gaudí style. Incredibly cool!

Leon Wolf Fainstadt Gallery
Impressive art pieces from this artist in internet. Visit this Art Gallery in Los Angeles (USA) and salute Janet Tawell, its Director. A very friendly person!

Associació Cultural Cčsar Martinell
Here you can learn more about Cčsar Martinell, one of Gaudí's most important pupils. During his life, he executed many beautiful works in the Gaudinist Style. Only in catalan
Comaposada Joiers
In this website you will find info about the designers of Gaudí's jewelley collection, which we have at the Club's Gift Shop.

A Tour Operator specialized in cultural travels. They explore the architecture and design of countries around the world. Located in San Francisco (USA)

The unofficial chronicle of architecture in competitions, polemics, commercials, trivia, and other nonsense. It's worth the visit!

La Tienda
Altough this is not an art site, we highly recommend a visit.
Don, owner of La Tienda, is one of our members and you will find in his shop typical food products from Spain, and from Catalunya, those who Gaudí adored.

Discovery Channel
Discovery Channel has added our site in the Gaudí section of their prestigious website. At the same time we have added their URL in our Links Section.

Antoni Gaudí. A life in the Architecture
A complete vision of Gaudí's life and works, and also an interesting chronology.
In English and Dutch

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