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    Status of the Construction
    June 2001

    General view of the cross of the temple and the towers of the Passion Facade from the Nativity Facade
    Column of the the Nativity Facade in the center of the Charity Portal. In it are inscribed all of the names of the geneology of Christ
    Vertical panorama from a rose window on the Nativity Facade, restored this past year
    Detail of the construction from the central window of the Passion Facade
    Detail of the base of the geneological column in which you can read the word "Abraham"
    Detail of preparation of those in coffins for the construction of the trancept arches
    Upper part of the hiperboloids form the central nave
    Gaudí said that the hyperboloids allowed for a more dispersed, soft, and harmonious illumination.
    Cloister's construction near to the Schools zone

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