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Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926)


Francesc GaudÝ Serra (1813-1906), a coppersmith from Riudoms, married Antonia Cornet Bertran (?-1876), daughter of coppersmiths from Reus, on May 9, 1843, in the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle, in Reus, before the Vicar Joan Ixart.

*Coppersmiths: those who make the copper stills used for distilling alcohol from grapes in the Camp de Tarragona.


Antoni PlÓcid Guillem GaudÝ Cornet was born on Wednesday, June 25, 1852, at nine-thirty AM in Baix Camp, in the province of Tarragona. Some historians say that he was born in "Mas de la Calderera," his family's country home almost exactly halfway between Reus and Riudoms. Others say he was born in Reus. The truth is that nobody has definitive evidence.

He was baptized on June 26, in the baptismal font of the parish church of St. Peter the Apostle in Reus, archbishopric of Tarragona, by Joan Casas (priest and Vicar of the church).


Antoni, the couple's fifth child, was to live the longest. His siblings included sisters Rosa (May 5, 1844-1879), who married and had a daughter, Rosa Egea GaudÝ, and Maria (June27, 1845-January 10 1850); and brothers Francesc (March 26, 1848-April 20, 1850) and Francesc (May 27, 1851-1876), who earned a Medical degree, but never practiced.


From the time he was small, he had a rheumatic problem that prevented him from playing with other children his age, and required him to move about on a donkey or stay at home, because the pain kept him from walking. It also made him miss lots of class, which allowed him to spend many hours observing animals, plants and stones. This sickness was with him throughout his life, and doctors recommended a vegetarian diet and occasional strolls; this may be the reason that, when he was older and lived in Barcelona, he walked every evening to the church of Sant Felip Neri, where he stayed for awhile to pray.

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