Joan Millan



If there is anything which characterises the Joan Millán’s painting it is the search of aesthetic horizons. When he was 18, he travelled to Paris to have a direct knowledge of the masters of the beginning of the 20th century. In search of light, colour and forms, he travellled to the USA, Morocco and India, where he improved his technique and found inspiration. He adds to his pictures the vision of a publicist, his second profession.

With the acrylic painting, he settles in Barcelona, which is the urban motor of disperse creativity. The monuments of the city, and especially Gaudí and the Sagrada Familia, act as points of reference for his specific studies. Hence “Contemplations” , his exhibition about Gaudí, is born.

An aesthetic appreciation for the materials with which the Sagrada Familia is constructed: stone and metal, is what inspired me to create this work which contains a total of 18 paintings. Gaudí’s typical coexistence of forms, the fixed and those in motion, the finished and unfinished areas as well as the metallic structures make up the Cathedral’s unique beauty, which I have tried to represent in order to show the Sagrada Familia’s on-going architectural transformation.




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