Julie Pierce

Mosaic Artist



I am a self taught mosaic artist. My inspiration came from my first trip to Barcelona in 1977. Being exposed to the many mosaic works by Antonio Gaudi all over the city, especially the bench at Park Guell, I returned home to begin creating my own designs. My materials come from many sources. I use commercial ceramic tile, dishes, glass, costume jewelry and anything else that catches my eye.

This particular mirror is one of my earlier works. I feel it demonstrates very well the Gaudinian influence in my artwork. The actual piece of mirror got its shape when it fell off the wall and broke into several pieces. The outer mosaic area is made up of broken dishes, jewelry, beads and glass. The curved wires with glass beads enhance the piece's unique character.

I am so grateful for the original spark that was ignited in me by the
magnificent works of Mr. Gaudi.



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