Josep Mª Roca Tarragó



Born in Santa Coloma de Queralt in 1946. He is the most gaudinian out of our architects, for he descends collaterally from Antoni Gudí i Cornet: his mother was born in Ca'l Cornet, where the Gaudí's mother name comes from. He is also an enthusiast of the other great architect from Tarragona, the collaborator of Gaudí, Josep M. Jujol. Like the latter, his professional career has always been linked with the municipal works. When possible he makes works inspired by the eminent Gaudí, like the ones he presents us. His great hobby is painting, related with architecture, of which he has made several exhibitions, such as "Arquitectures de Tarraco"(1998) and "Arquitectures de Jujol"(2002).

Architect by the E.T. Superior of Barcelona, 1971.

He practices his professional activity in Tarragona.



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