Mariano Andrés Vilella



Mariano Andrés Vilella (Zaragoza, 1930), started working in a marblecarver’s workshop when he was 13 years old. He learnt there the first steps of the sculptor’s job. He registered in the Arts and Crafts School to perfection his skills and to have relations with other artists.

In 1957 he emigrated to France. He combined his job with his second passion, football, and the artist went on prospering till he could open his own workshop. In 1970 he moved to Barcelona and in 1976 he had his own workshop again. He has taught stonecarving in the Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Barcelona.

He has taken part in a lot of exhibitions and has won several prizes; he has designed and sculptured a series of monumental works of various sizes, installed all around the world. The most spectacular one may be perhaps “Velas al viento” (sails in the wind), in Alcudia, Mallorca.

The concentration of natural strength, of movement, sometimes violent or subtle, is symbolicly reflected in the mobile, which are incorporated in all his creations, and that are carved in the very block from which they cannot escape.



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