Carina Rojo
Ricardo Cerezo
Felipe Romeo

Architects and designers


The team formed by Carolina Rojo, Ricardo Cerezo y Felipe Romeo has transformed an old building, built in 1907 by a Catalan architect, being abandoned during more than 60 years, into a free replica of the Gaudí’s arquitecture. Its dome, having an onion-shaped crowning revetted with glazed tile trencadís, is unique in Argentina.

This restoration, which took more than two years of hard work, deserved them the first prize in the biennal of architecture 2002.

It evokes the Finca Güell, Casa Vicens, the Artigas Gardens and the Sagrada Familia.

It is the representation of the gaudinian architecture in Buenos Aires.


   Edifici Gaudinià
   a Buenos Aires



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