Abelardo Escobar Medina

Architect and Town Planner



Born at Mexico city in 1951 Lawyer in Architecture and studies of urbanism and Architecture of the Landscape in the Independent National University of Mexico. Professional in the manual arts, the study of the Bonsái, and the Eastern philosophy.

I Design and build any architectonic style but I like the organic style that I call holístic to because the relation with the Feng Shui art, the spiritual thing, the nature, and factors which they take part in the constructions.

I have constructed in South America and North America. University professor of University UNIVER and the University of Tijuana campus Los Cabos.

Philosophy of the work:
This style of architecture is based on the following theory… the natural life of the man are the organic forms; ever since we are in the maternal belly, the caves, the mountains, etc. When we lived in this type of curves, our perception is calm and we can live healthily .

   Casa Koch.



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