Josefina Saiz Bautista

Ceramist and Painter


Barcelona, 1955. She studied Arts and Crafts in the Escuela Massana, in Barcelona. She has a Diploma in Ceramics. A decoration course – Inner design. Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. A member of the Group “Els vuit torns”. She has taken part in several competitions and exhibitions

The master Gaudí is a great forerunner, a genius, with an overflowing imagination ability, of very original ideas, extracted by means of an analytic process, which reflects the structural beauty of nature, and besides a great defender of the curved line.

The sinuous forms, wakes and paths, represented in his work in the Park Güell, are the reason, which makes me work and to interpret them in a very free and personal way. With the aim of leaving the print of my painting, and to achieve being a prolongation of his art, at the beginnings of the XXIst century.

Estela Gaudí



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