Claudio Soler Fumanal

Industrial Master, forger craftsman


Born in Barcelona in 1958.

Completely devoted to going on modelling infinity of iron shapes, like his grandafather, a great forger artisan.

He had always dreamt to materialize a work of Gaudí in iron, a fact which has been consolidated when he associated with Mr. Javier Badiola Fuenmayor. Both have achieved to make the reproduction of the dragon gate of the Finca Güell –the present seat of the Gaudí Chair- in forged iron, unique in the world, at 1:12 scale. This jewel of the Catalan craftsmanship, numbered and certified, is available to all people interested in art.

Rèplica del Drac Ladó de la Finca Güell en ferro forjat



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