Jaime Ferrer

Inner Architect



Jaime Ferrer was born the 2nd of April 1956 in Puerto Rico. In 1978 he got a degree in Biology. In 1980 and 1989 he assisted to the lighting courses in the NADI the annual fair in New York. In 1985 he won the first prize of show windows with those of the Plaza de las Américas, the biggest trading centre of Puerto Rico and the Antilles.

His first works in the design of ambiences started under the tutorage of the Spanish architect living in Puerto Rico, Carlos Pardo.

Presently he organises great society events and weddings, and also the promotions of new products in the market and design and inner decoration tasks and “sets” for TV promotions and publications.

Gaudí inspiration in Puerto Rico
Ferrer designs and undertakes the work being inspired in a fantasy Gaudí style palace. The structure is painted with brilliant acrylic colours matt and bright trimmed with “trencadís” of mirror glasses and spangles. 12 painted columns complete the structure.

Palauet Gaudinià



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