Mercè Mata Zanni

Artesana i Ceramista.


A native of the Barcelonese quarter of Gràcia, from a family of craftsmen, she has inherited from them her ability for manual works.

Her gaudinist fever was developed in her small cottage close to Barcelona and she started to convert it into the second Park Güell. As the bricklayer who built so found it very hard to interprete all what Mercè asked him, in a certain time she assumed totally the undertaking of the works. She inscribed in a school of ceramics to obtain all the knowledge about this art and thus being able to develop her greatest wish, to make the “trencadís”. She did not only produce her own ceramic tiles with her personal colours, but she has personally put in place, she calls it her bricklayer’s work, more than 875.000 ceramic tiles, one by one, in the gardens, walls and terraces in what is presently La Torre Els Dracs (the dragons’ cottage).

She has three sons and has devoted the last twelve years to finish the works, incorporating the gaudinian design even in the swimming pool and the barbecue, which did not exist in the age of master Gaudí.

Detalls de Torre Els Dracs



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