María Fortunata Bianchini Ruiz

Arte Multiplano.


María Fortunata Bianchini Ruiz, was born in Barcelona, the 17th of June 1924. From her early childhood, she was initiated in the arts drawing with pencil and charcoal.. In 1952 she moved to Argentina. When she visited a Painting Gallery in which a new specimen and painting technique captivated her, the Multi-plane Art, which consists in the superimposition of several planes carved in wood, sanded, polished and suitably prepared to be oil painted.

She studied in the Decorative Art School, learning and deepening in the development of the painting over Multi-plane, which is an expression different from the classical oil painting over canvas or frame. This technique is not very widespread because of the work which involves its preparation. It must be highlighted the carving, a labour which needs a minutely precise work, requiring an expert hand to achieve the realism which pretends all work comprised into plastic.

Presently she resides in La Plata, Argentina, entirely devoted to painting. Since 1998 she has taken part in several joint exhibitions.

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