Joan-Jordi Bergós

President-Delegat de la Junta Constructora del
Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família.


It is a great honour for the Sagrada Família Temple to welcome the exhibition International Reflections of Gaudí. This exhibition follows our task line: to finish the works of the Sagrada Família Expiatory Temple and the diffusion of the Antoni Gaudí’s work. It is because of this reason that, together with the Gaudí & Barcelona Club, we have decided to make an exhibition, with works made by admirors of the Catalan genial architect from all around the world. The exhibition, thus, is an international range sample of works ranging from photographs till works of art, inspired by Gaudí and his work.

So that we want, once more, to pay a homage to Gaudí and to all his admirors, and in this incomparable site of the gaudinian universe, which the Sagrada Familia Temple is, we are awaiting you with the hope that this exhibition will be of your liking.



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