Eduard Solé

Chairman of the Gaudí & Barcelona Club


The Gaudí & Barcelona Club was born some years ago with the aim of diffusing the life and work of Antoni Gaudí by means of the mightiest of the present mass media: internet. Our task since then has been acknowledged by the official institutions and by the more than 13.000 members which support us throughout the world. Some of these members have been inspired b the genius of Gaudí to carry out their personal artistic creations. We relieve that those works must not remain in the anonymity and therefore, we have compiled a sample to introduce them in the most emblematic place of Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia Temple. I’m deeply convinced that our beloved Gaudí will feel happy to know he has created a school and that he is admired all around the world.

“International Reflections of Gaudí” is one among the activities we make to introduce the life and work of that genius. We thank very much the collaboration which the Sagrada Família Temple Building Committee gives to our activities, and that, without their support they would not be possible. And, evidently, to the always encouraging enthusiasm of our members and gaudinist friends.

We wholeheartedly wish to all the admirers of the Gaudinist work to enjoy this exhibition.



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