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Antoni Gaudí Projects List

Main Works

Minor Works

  • Own desk
  • Business card for himself
  • Showcase for the gloves shop of Esteban Comella
  • Furniture for the "Palacio del Marqués de Comillas"
  • The Gibert Pharmacy (Barcelona)
  • Relation between Gaudí and the religious of "Jesús-María"
  • Altar for Bocabella Oratory
  • Desk for his own eating-room in Sant Feliu de Codines
  • Priest house and office of Gaudí in "la Sagrada Família"
  • Pavilion for the Transatlantic Company
  • Tomb for the Güell family in Montserrat
  • House Clapés
  • Restoration of the doctor Santaló house
  • Standard of the choral society Feliuà
  • Standard of "reusenses" (people from Reus) residents in Barcelona, dedicated to the Virgin of Misericordy of Reus
  • "Panteón Nonell" in Lloret
  • Sant Gervasi de Cassoles Theatre
  • Santa Pacia's Church flooring (Sant Andreu)
  • Reminding of Miscantano for Mr. Norbert Font and Sagué
  • Decoration of the "Marquesa de Castelldosrius" house
  • Door of Finca Miralles (Barcelona)
  • Mountain refuge of Catllarás in Castellar de N'Hug
  • Artigas Garden, in la Pobla de Lillet
  • The" Casa Graner"
  • The "Talleres Badia"
  • The "Sala Mercè"
  • Project of bridge over the "Torrente de Pomeret"
  • Pulpit for the church of Blanes
  • Project of chasuble for Girona
  • Tower of Damián Mateu, in "Llinars del Vallès"
  • Standard for the locksmiths guild
  • Street Lamps of Vic
  • Restoration of the Cathedral of Manresa
  • Bust portrait and project of monument to Doctor "Torras y Bages"
  • Dedicatory to "Orfeó Català" (Catalan Choral Society)
  • Showcase glass Plandiura
  • Pulpit for Valencia
  • I Mistery of "Gloria de Montserrat"
  • Café Torino
  • Drawings of the tribute to "Rector de Vallfogona"


  • Various works in Park of Ciutadella (Barcelona)
  • The "camarín" for Virgin of Montserrat

Non executed works

  • Restoration of Monastery of Poblet
  • Contest of projects for a funerary monument to Clavé
  • Contest of drawings for aplication to industry, convoked for the "Ateneo Barcelonés"
  • The Girossi kiosk
  • Electric Illumination of the "Muralla de Mar" (deffense walls in Barcelona)
  • Project for the "Casino of San Sebastián"
  • The hunting pavilion in Garraf (Barcelona)
  • The altarpiece of Alella (Barcelona)
  • Preliminary project of restoration of hall of "Ciento" and stair of honour, and realization of the chair for the regent Queen in the city Council
  • Catholic Missions in Tánger
  • Preliminary project of restoration of the main façade of Sanctuary of Virgin of the Misericordy in Reus
  • Project of monument to "Jaime I"
  • Project of Hotel in New York
  • Project for chapel in "Colegio Teresiano"
  • Preliminary project of monument to "Prat de la Riba" in Castellterçol
  • Preliminary project of Railway Station in Barcelona
  • Project of church dedicated to "Asunción," in Rancagua (Chile)
  • Project of Calvet chappel, in Torelló
  • Villaricos Church
  • Barcelona Cathedral

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