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Gaudí's lamppost, reinstalled



  • The Pla de Palau displays again the Gaudí street-lamp which had an accident during the Gaudí Year 2002
  • After eight long months of patient insistence, celebrates with all gaudinists the happy lighting

Barcelona, 17 of July 2003.- The multiple negotiations made by the Gaudí & Barcelona Club association facing the institutions have given the result of the re-instalment of the Gaudí street-lamp, completely restored and lacking it only to be painted, to light again. The municipality of Barcelona employees placed yesterday, at last, the 16th of July, 2003, the street-lamp in its pedestal in the Pla de Palau, after eight endless months of reconstruction.

The Gaudí & Barcelona Club association became interested from the very beginning for the state of the street-lamp. Xavier Pigrau, from the Department of Architecture of the Town Hall, told that the delay was caused because of the street-lamp was being repaired in an craftsman workshop out of the city, by the difficulty of its reconstruction. Pigrau communicated personally yesterday the association the re-instalment of the street-lamp.

The architect of the Sagrada Familia had designed in 1878 two different models of street-lamps, having 3 and 6 arms respectively, under commission of the municipality of Barcelona. The six-armed ones were placed in the Plaza Real and the two three-armed ones were installed in the Pla de Palau, till last 20th of November a lorry of BCNeta (the municipal garbage service) struck against one of them, causing several and grave harm to it.

About the "Gaudí & Barcelona Club d'Internet" association

The Associació Gaudí & Barcelona Club d'Internet is a non-profit entity created to divulge the life and work of Antoni Gaudí. The starting point of this association was the creation, in 1997, of the Club under the web page, to which the more than the 12.700 present members, from all nationalities, have been freely associated and are permanently informed of everything related with Gaudí. The Gaudí & Barcelona Club web page is the most complete existing about the architect. It disposes of an on-line shop, where it can be purchased any product related with the gaudinist aesthetics, and of an active forum where the admirers of the architect hold a fluid correspondence. In its will to make culture move and to divulge the figure of Gaudí throughout the world, the Club is in touch with a great deal of people passionate of the art of this creator and collaborates with universities, art centres, institutions and cultural associations of several countries, offering its collaboration and experience.

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