Lab Gaudí exhibition at the Cultural Center of Madrid Blanquerna

On 10 April, will open its doors in Madrid's Centro Cultural Blanquerna "Gaudí Lab" exhibition that brings us to the innovative architectural ideas implemented by the artist in the making of the Crypt in Colonia Güell to be displayed for the first time in Madrid original works as the bank's liturgical Crypt of Colonia Güell, weights and brands of the funicular model of the Crypt, the beat of stonemason, a lectern made by Gaudí himself, the book condolences on the death of Gaudí, the condolences of King Alfonso XIII death or Gaudí's handwritten instructions to his secretary for a presentation in Madrid.

Lab Gaudí exhibition at the Cultural Center of Madrid Blanquerna Furthermore, with this sample, the shop will know more striking architectural innovation of the twentieth century: the Crypt of Colonia Güell, a laboratory of ideas where the artist's creativity in all its magnificence stems leading to new approaches and formal construction culminating in his masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. The attitude as an artist Gaudi's great revolutionary method lies in its highly original. This exhibition will present original and unpublished works that have been selected for their ability instructive in explaining who he was and how he worked Gaudí: old photographs, authentic documents, laboratory tests, technical equipment, tools and the like.

The space is divided into three areas:

  • 'Gaudi, Men and Work'. welcomes the visitor stating the basic personality traits and Gaudí's creations;
  • 'La Colonia Güell' filing of an atypical industrial colony, where Gaudí implemented major technical advances of the time and the newest social and labor reforms.
  • The "Holy Family" by original documents to be his secretary, Joan Martí, one can reconstruct the history of this immense project, culminating in this century.

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