Interview with Jordi Bonet

Sagrada Familia


Jordi Bonet, the current chief architect of the works of the Sagrada Familia. Bonet has 26 in front of the work done in this temple and still shows his admiration for the work of the Catalan genius that continues to attract millions of people who want to admire your great work.

When is it expected to finish the works of the Sagrada Familia?

Gaudí replied, jokingly, that would end Sant Josep. It's hard to know when to end this great work but would like for the centenary of Gaudi's death in 2024, was finished the facade of the Passion with its columns diverse part of the cruise lift to reach the 170 meters and build two buildings side that were projected as vestries.

What it supposes to you to be the architect of this great world fame monument?

When I first raised it had to reject the position because he had just been appointed as director of Cultural Heritage of the Generalitat de Catalunya, but he finished the mandate could not refuse the offer. It's a big responsibility even though the great master Gaudí, knowing he could not finish the work, left things so that another could follow his legacy. In addition, recent investigations carried out have allowed us to discover the exact science of architecture, Gaudí invented and that is a very tough building sustained very little material.

Are you satisfied with the work performed during this time in the temple?

I worried that people do not know if it was a church or a theme park as it is unique in the world in which a construction site is visited by many millions of people over a year and not is easy to combine. The Catalans have many flaws but, from time to time, we hit while committing a blunder.

How do we maintain the funding for the construction of this work over all these years?

It is an extraordinary situation and that although that is not done any advertising, people around the world still come every day to visit this temple and make donations. Gaudí is like a prophet who has attracted millions of people with his work.

Jordi Bonet

What is the most highlight of the Sagrada Familia?

Is a set. Gaudi was a genius and there's nothing like worldwide. Small errors have been committed but it is an extraordinary work that helps, through art, to find faith. He was a great believer.

How was your meeting with the Pope during his visit last year to the Sagrada Familia?

After reading for about five minutes the main description of the memorial told him I was very pleased with his visit and he answered the same way. I met him when he was cardinal, and even then I realized that this was a very intelligent man and very open to dialogue, something that most people do not know. I had a feeling that would choose to head the Vatican.

Still up the scaffolding at 86 years?

I climb every day and I will continue doing as you can. We ensure that scaffolds are very safe and now they can ride with anyone lifts the tour enabled the monument.

How has the 'skyline' of Barcelona in recent years?

Is continually changing as before, for example, go up the street until Gran Via Marina left only to see the four towers of the two walls and a vacuum of the Holy Family and we have now raised 15 meters high which are part of the 80 meter rise annually.

Do you lose sleep over AVE below the monument?

It is reckless. There have been people who did not want to correct one thing that is an error because it pass through two very important monuments, with related dangers, it is a shame. The facts are a reality and we'll see what can happen, sometimes things happen but I have no desire to be so.

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