Barcelona, June 4, 2008. The Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Familiy received 2.867.227 visitors between June 2007 and May 2008, data which once again consolidates the Temple as the main area of tourist attraction in the city of Barcelona.

This figure represents an increase of 8.6% over the same period last year.

In parallel, a survey has been carried out of visitors to the Sagrada Familia in order to obtain various data, such as their nationality, their views on Gaudí's work or the degree of their prior knowledge of the temple.

Percentage of visitors by country of origin

The survey reflects the opinions of 2500 people and was conducted over the past 12 months. The aim was for tourists to be able to express their views both with regard to general services as well as the more artistic aspects.

The majority of visitors to the temple come from the European Continent (Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Holland and Spain). The United Kingdom is the country that delivers most visitors to the Temple, with 20.84% of visits. Likewise, we can see similar results obtained from the surveys conducted in the temple last year (2006) where British tourists accounted for 20%.

Far below Great Britain we find Germany which, with 9.84%, occupies second place. In third place is the USA with 9.48%, followed by Italy (8.76%), France (8.76%) and The Netherlands (6.6%). Catalan visitors represent some 2.36% and those coming from the rest of Spain account for 6.4%. Tourists from Asia account for 5.2%. From the American continent, after the United States, the main countries of origin are Argentina (1.72%), Canada (1.44%), Mexico (1.36%), Colombia (0.72%), Brazil ( 0.72%) and Peru (0.44%). 1.32% come from Australia and Oceania and, finally, from Africa 0.2%.

Visitor profile

By gender, the results are quite balanced, even though the male visitors account for 7% more than the female. The public visiting the Sacred Family is mostly adult: almost 50% of the visitors are within the ages of 25 and 45. Thereafter comes the 45-55 age group, 45-55 years old with 22%, young people between 18 and 25 years accounting for 12%, 55-65 year olds with 10% and, finally, those over 65 representing 3%.

By level of studies

75% of visitors to the Sagrada Familia have received university education and it can therefore be assumed that this is a demanding and culturally aware audience, who arrive at the Temple with a high level of expectation, and above all very much informed about both Antonio Gaudí and the construction of the Sagrada Familia.

In fact, over 88% of visitors are aware that the Sacred Family is a Temple under construction. Up to 44% were aware that the price of entry constitutes a donation towards the construction of the temple.

Evaluation of the Temple of the Sagrada Familia where 5 is excellent and 1 is inadequate

Whilst in 2006 the global evaluations of the Temple were more diversified, this year 2007, the majority of the visitors views coincide. Some 85% claim to have experienced an excellent overall impression, 13% deem it to have been remarkable and some 2% classify their experience as having been good. It must be emphasized that the ratings for adequate and inadequate are virtually non-representative as they fail to even reach 1%.

The increase in respondents who evaluated the Temple with an “excellent” (85%) compared to the 2006 polls where only 33% did so, is also of note.

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