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These photographs, just like the text, are courtesy of the Sagrada Familia Temple Building Committee.

The report is by Dr. Architect Jordi Bonet i Armengol, Head of the Temple architects.

Our collaborator Karlus uses to take photographs of the Gaudí works and Barcelona buildings. If you want to see some of his various topic photographs, tell it to him and he will try to make you happy!

Sagrada Familia
Status of the Construction : November 2002

Of the ten granite columns that surround the chancel, only a few tambours await to be placed, and the massive columns in the ambulatory only the western staircase one is missing. The costly reinforcing works linking the columns of Saint Peter and Saint Paul have also ended, which have the lower storey of metallic core in place.
These works have caused important disturbances for the faithful assisting to the liturgical celebrations: dust, drips and electric breakdowns that will gradually been solved. The first bay of the staircase linking the temple esplanade and the crypt has also been finished and soon works on the helicoidal vaults of the eastern staircase shall be started.
Cleaning and restoration works on vaults, capitals, columns and crypt chapels have gone on and the keystones and ribs damaged in the 1936 fire have had stone replacements. This has brought a certain delay, but the overall appearance has improved considerably.
The golden haloes of the angels in the keystones have been and the lamps in the Saint Joseph, Immaculate and Sacred Heart chapels have been cleaned, whereas it is envisaged to do the same with the rest of chapels. Now the renewal works of the electric installation of the crypt are in progress and all electric cables and lamps have been changed, unifying voltages and rationalising the turning on and electric panels.
The upper part of the Resurrection stained glass window has been placed, with the image of the Holy Spirit designed by Josep M. Subirachs, who is presently working in the patriarch and prophet figures of the lower inner gable of the façade. At the same time the drawing works of the church columns go on with the computer program developed by professor Mark Burry.
The first bay of the cloister windows is now at the same level than the Temple and, at the level of the semibasement, has been finished the access to the Museum and the books and other objects storage. When the four bays of the Merced cloister shall be finished, then the Passion porch will completely get rid of the souvenirs shop at last.

Western Transept Vault
In the western transept there are already four brick vaults, hyperboloid shaped, in the central nave, and the north west side supporting columns are being raised, after finishing the triforium railings, at a height of thirty metres. The north-west window pinnacle, that is, the one crowned by pomegranates, is being finished with the aim of leaving it clear of scaffoldings
In the eastern transept, the northern nave has been finished after solving the linking with the inner part of the Nativity Façade. At the same time, the structure of the lower part of the evangelist belfries has just been started to be put in place.
The placing of drainpipes and the ornamental elements of the upper part of the windows goes on. The sculptor Etsuro Sotoo is preparing the first crowning with the grapes and the chalice, the symbols of the Eucharist, that will be completed, in an alternated way, with the wheat ears and the bread. Those pieces are made out of venetian mosaic finishings and white granitic stone.
The closing walls at the end of the Temple naves, that is , the inner closing of the Glory Façade, already have their iron structure, that protrude some seven metres over the level of the Mallorca street. The lower level stones are ready to be put in place and fit for the forming and concreting.
The original model is being restored and the study of the execution of the closing of the singers choirs and triforia goes on. The new stonemasons and stone cutting machines workshop has also been covered, containing a new thread saw.
Apart from the models execution, lifelike, of vaults and columns, the plaster modelis workshop goes on restoring and incorporating the original fragments of the models recently discovered, which totally confirm the research task and geometry which conform all the elements designed by Gaudí.
The intense task of the computer drawing of the apse goes on, that will be, mostly, exhibited in the cloister coinciding with the Quest for building funds. The drawing works of the Passion Façade gable and columns and the study of the Glory façade is also in progress.
On the other hand, there is a growing difficulty to obtain the detail solutions that Gaudi left unsolved and to which his successors face nowadays with the purpose of making them follow the definite lines once established by the master. If the construction of the naves was a completely solved matter, it is not the same case with the inner walls or the vault springings of the already-built apse, or the complicated changes between the ambulatory and the naves, facing the two staircases that end with the radiating chapels. It is necessary to obtain the scale models of the resulting volumes, as the computer design is unsufficient. Therefore, the overall 1:25 Temple model is a fundamental research element, not only for exhibition purposes.

Important restoration works in the museum are being finished, although their final destiny shall be the place that they definitively will occupy in the Temple. Namely, it consists in the great vestry ornaments cupboard with extraordinary wrought iron ornaments. Formerly, only the two restored doors were exhibited, but finally the whole thing may be admired.

The northern end has also been restored, underneath the Dolores cloister, to offer a future virtual vision of the Temple. It must be remarked that it overruns, the already exposed line drawings, but it must be kept in mind that not all ornamental details that will improve the ensemble can be reproduced. Gaudí had left several general ideas and had clearly specified that it would be his successors who would complete it.

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