All pictures are copyrighted
©Eduard Solé

You can use them freely on your web pages, works, papers, thesis, etc. for non commercial purposes. I just ask you to insert the proper credits. A link to the Gaudí & Barcelona Club site ( will be much appreciated.

Almost all photos are slides 6x4 cm. Made with a Zenza Bronica professional camera, medium format. If you observe some lack of quality in the images it's due to the jpg compression method and depends also on monitor screen resolution.

Duplicates, high resolution scanned images on CD, copies on paper and posters are available, just ask me for details.

I use to take pictures of Gaudi's works and of the city of Barcelona each week. So if you want to see pictures published in any subject just let me know and I will try to make you happy :-)


The monument to Gaudí inaugurated in Barcelona

Obertura simb˛lica de la porta peatonal de la Finca Miralles Inauguraciˇ de l'estÓtua realitzada per Joaquim Camps. Cl˛s amb l'estÓtua de GaudÝ.
Discurs de cloenda de l'alcalde Joan Cl˛s. L'escultor Joaquim Camps amb la seva obra. All images are clickable

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