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    6, 7 and 8 June 2002 Palma de Mallorca

    Monographic subject: Gaudí in Mallorca

    For fourteen years, Gaudí worked and undertook a variety of studies at Palma cathedral and elsewhere on the island. It was bishop Pere-Joan Campins who proposed Gaudí for the restoration and decoration of Mallorca's cathedral. Later on he worked at the Lluc Shrine for the 25th anniversary celebration of the image of the Black Virgin.
    These topics, and any others that might emerge, will be discussed amongst students of Gaudí's works, within the framework of the Ninth International Conference on Gaudinian Studies to be held in Palma.

    Organised by:
    Palma City Council
    Centre for Gaudinian Studies
    Official College of Technical Architects of Mallorca
    The "La Caixa" Foundation

    With the collaboration of:
    Cathedral Chapter
    Official College of Architects of the Balearic Islands
    University of the Balearic Islands
    Technical College of Barcelona, UPC

    Director of the Conference:
    Pere-Joan Llabrés i Martorell,
    Canon of Mallorca cathedral
    Diocesan Delegate for Cultural Heritage.

    Coordinated by:
    Toshiaki Tange, President of the CEG
    Luis Gueilburt, Director of the CEG
    Benet Meca, University Lecturer at UPC
    Oscar Romero, quantity surveyor and architect.

    Thursday 6 June
    1st Session
    16.30  Issuing of the documentation in the Gran Hotel de Palma building of the "La Caixa" Foundation
    17.30  Visit to the conference building
    19.00  Opening of the Ninth International Conference on Gaudinian Studies organised by Palma City Council, the Centre for Gaudinian Studies, Official College of Technical Architects of Mallorca and the "La Caixa" Foundation
    19.15  Inaugural lecture by the conference director, Mr. Pere-Joan Llabrés, entitled "Liturgy in the restoration of Palma Cathedral, Bishop Campins and Gaudí"
    Friday 7 June
    2nd Session
    10.00 - 11.30   Joan Enric Vilardell Santacana
    Gaudí and the classical historiography of modern architecture.
    María Jesús Alonso Gabela
    An architect and a bishop: two complementary personalities.
    Josep Maria Tarragona i Clarassó
    When Gaudí considered abandoning the Sagrada Familia,
    a little-known biographical episode.
    Catalina Cantarellas Camps
    Gaudí and Palma de Mallorca cathedral
    Ceramic decoration.
    11.30-12.00  Coffee break
    3rd Session
    12.00 - 14.00  Luis Gueilburt, Joan Vallespir and Miguel Moll
    Discussion of the historical and constructivist study of Palma de Mallorca cathedral and the Sagrada Familia.
    Maribel Roselló
    The Casasayas Houses Francesc Roca 1900-1911.
    María Juana Ladaría Bañares
    The Papeles de Son Armadans and Gaudí.
    Juan Rayo Mercadal and Gabriel Vicens Font
    Gaudí the stone and iron sculptor.
    Jordi Bonet Armengol
    Liturgical and religious furniture in Palma de Mallorca cathedral.
    14.00 - 16.30  Buffet lunch
    4th Session
    16.30 - 18.00  Jan Molema
    The Mallorcan Ballad
    María Dolores Ladaría Bañares
    The baldachin of Palma de Mallorca cathedral.
    Federico Soberats Liegey
    A Gaudinian model of glazed tile for Palma de Mallorca cathedral.
    Jos Tomlow
    Aspects of the work by Joan Rubió Bellver in Mallorca.
    18.00 - 18.30 Coffee break
    5th Session
    18.30 - 19.30  Carlos Flores
    New data for the analysis of Gaudinian Architecture
    Tokutoshi Tori
    Mallorca in Gaudí's works.
    19.30 - 20.30  Debate moderated by Mr. Daniel Giralt-Miracle, General Curator of the International Gaudí Year.
    20.30  Closing session for the Conference by the organising bodies.
    Saturday, 8 June
    10.00  Visit to Palma cathedral (Meeting point: main sdoor).
    13.00  Conference closing session.

    Information and registration:
    Centre for Gaudinian Studies
    Pasaje Tubella, 20
    08014 Barcelona
    tel. + 34 93 490 46 56
    Technical College of Barcelona
    Av. Dr. Marañon, 44-50
    08028 Barcelona
    tel. 34 93 401 62 90
    Srta. Neus Rodríguez

    Price of enrolment:

    Registration.................................... 84 € (14.000 ptas.)
    Members.......................................... 60 € (10.000 ptas.)
    Students and pensioners.......... 48 € ( 8.000 ptas.)

    Method of payment:

    Transfer to account no: 2100-1337-26-0200063285 of the Studies Centre for Gaudinian Studies "La Caixa". Agencia 1337.C/ Guitard, 60. Barcelona.
    Or: a check made out to the Centre for Gaudinian Studies Pasaje Tubella, 20. 08014 Barcelona, Spain.

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