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Mark Burry

Jan Molema
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    During the past 9th-12th of November, in the City of Delft University in Southeast Holland, the VII International Conference of Gaudí Studies was celebrated. The conference was organized jointly by the Center for Gaudí Studies and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, of Barcelona, and the Foundation for the Analysis of Construction and Technological University (TU), of Delft.

    Some 150 people - between the students of the University, speakers and invites - assisted in organizing the first conference, lectured by New Zealander professor, Mark Burry, who showed the work he had done during his last years of collaboration on Sagrada Familia, drawing CAD models for the construction of the temple.

    Despite that the initial lecture took place on Thursday evening, the Conference was officially inaugurated on Friday, the 10th, with the presence of the Director of the Faculteit der Bouwkunde, Professor ir. Hans Beunderman, and the Spanish consul of Holland, Sr. Ricardo Losa.

    Jan Molema - doctorate in architecture and founder of the Gaudí Groep of Holland - was, as the director of the Conferences, in charge of presenting the speakers to the public on hand.

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