The Gaudí & Barcelona Club Association

Our Gaudí & Barcelona Club Association is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1997 to pay homage to the famous Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926). The project was founded by Eduard Solé, staunch admirer of Gaudí's work; he is a well reputed Catalan photographer and graphic designer, and supported by a group of professionals in the visual arts, graphic design and photography. This idea came about because of the low content of the artist in the network. Our goal has always focused on disseminate quality information about Gaudí to any corner of the world making him even more universal.

The starting point: a virtual Club

The starting point of the initiative of the Asociación Gaudí & Barcelona Club was the creation of Gaudi Club under www.gaudiclub.comwebsite, that currently has more than 14,000 members worldwide.

The Gaudí & Barcelona Club collects information on the biography and career of Antoni Gaudí, including links to websites that talk about of his work, other artists and architecture and art in general, as well as articles and current news about the world of Gaudí: restorations, exhibitions, conferences and so on.

The website also has an interactive component, as it has virtual collaboration Club partners who send information on the activities taking place around the world, show their works inspired by Gaudí as well as photographs of the works of modernist art or even sharing their opinions in a forum specifically designed for it.

Finally,, which is available in Catalan, Spanish, English and Japanese, includes an online store with a wide range of products related to Gaudí, such as calendars, postcards, posters, models, books, videos, audio, music CDs, ceramic tile and metal, ceramic reproductions, designer jewelry in gold and silver and furniture, among others. We invite you to take a look to our new Gaudí shop:

Contact detaills:

Gaudí & Barcelona Club Association
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Tel. (+34) 93 754 16 01 - E-Mail: gaudi[ad]

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