Eliseu Oriol Pagès

Jury member / self-taught amateur photographer/ specialist on life and work of Antoni Gaudí



Born in Barcelona in 1954, he has lived, for professional reasons, in Belgium, Canada, the USA and currently in Cuba. In those countries he has shared his knowledge about Gaudí through conferences and photographic exhibitions.

He is an external researcher in the Línea de Investigación Gaudí y el Modernismo catalán (Gaudí and Catalan Modernism Line of Investigation), which belongs to the UPC, and leader of the symposium "Gaudí and His Work," organized in Washington as part of the international actions done to celebrate the Year of Gaudí 2002.

Templo de la Sagrada Familia (Sacred Family Church) Electronic Collage
Eliseu Oriol, while conceiving a collage of 150 identical images displayed in a grid, was inspired by the words of Gaudí, for whom art lovers do not need any monument inasmuch as his work itself is a memory.

The multiplied photograph of the church is a newly created piece and an homage to Gaudí on the 150th anniversary of his death. The technique is electronic manipulation with filters of a celluloid photo taken with a Nikon lens and a superimposed image multiplying lens. The digital realization was done by Tomás Santamaría.

Represented in the collage are the past, present and future qualities of his work, as well as its international character and the metaphor of Joan Maragall when he referred to Gaudí as “The Poet of Stone.”



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