Maria Victoria Garrido

Origamic architecture designer


Born in Barcelona and she emigrated to Argentina with her parents when she was three years old. She has a degree in Architecture and Urbanism and is an Origamic Architecture Designer, and a teacher of Mathematics. She has exhibited her works in the American Craft Museum of New York USA in 2001.

She took part in the International Project “The Peace Origami Tree” in Novorossiysk, Russia and in many exhibitions celebrated in Cultural and Educational Centres of the city of La Plata, Argentina.

The subjects which inspire the design of her tri-dimensional cards are unlimited and range from the scenic portrayal of a fairy tale, the high value historical cultural buildings, till the portrayal of the works of the great masters of painting and sculpture. Presently she lives in Sabadell, Barcelona.

Her vast work can be appreciated in her web sites



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