Open Door Day at the Sagrada Familia 50th
Fund-Raising for the Temple’s Construction Works

The Gaudí & Barcelona Club invites all its members to participate in the open door day of the Sagrada Familia, which will take place next Sunday June 6th on the occasion of the Fund-raising Day. Under the slogan "Entre todos la estamos alzando"(“Together we are raising her up”), the temple’s administrators foresee a rush of people superior to those 32.700 people who attended the fund-raising day last year.

This is the 50th edition of the Sagrada Familia Temple’s Fund-raising Day. Two exhibitions have been prepared in order to celebrate this event:

Sagrafica 1955-2003
Exhibition with a view to illustrating the Fund-raising’s evolution.

Many things have changed through the 50 years of celebration of this event; the volunteers who always make the fund-raising possible, the positioning of the fund-raising tables, the number of contributors and, of course, the amount of money collected. Obviously, the graphic design of the posters announcing the Fund-raising Day has also been changing over the years.

Yet what remains intact is the spirit the ceremony has started with. Besides fund-raising for the continuation of the construction works, its purpose was to approach the Sagrada Familia Temple to the people, in other words, to make public what was going on inside the Temple and have the people participate in its construction and assimilate Gaudí’s project.

The Sagrada Familia Temple is patrimony of all the citizens of the world.

The exhibition "Sagrafica 1955-2003" can be visited from June 3rd till September 30th in the Montserrat Cloister

Madre Teresa: Las obras de amor son obras de Paz - Mother Teresa: Works of love are works of Peace -
In 1979, the Nobel Peace Prize was presented to Mother Teresa of Calcuta for her concern for the poor of the world.

In 1974, Morihiro Oki, the artist of this exhibition, went to Calcuta so as to make a report about the demographic explosion of the city. Impressed by the horrible city scenes, he decided to visit Mother Teresa’s “House for the Dying”. «In this house I discovered – he assured – that those who take delight in prosperity loose everything in exchange for richness.»

As from then, committing himself to make pictures of Mother Teresa became his aim in life, authenticating through his camera the origin and heart behind the work realised by the Sisters and the Mother.

The exhibition is a display of 120 photographs reflecting the work and daily life of the Universal Mother.

«You don’t need to do anything.
It’s enough to know that people suffer.»

The exhibition "Madre Teresa: Las obras de amor son obras de Paz" (“Mother Teresa: Works of love are works of Peace”) can be visited from June 3rd till July 30th in the interior of the Temple.