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You can use them freely on your web pages, works, papers, thesis, etc. only for non commercial purposes. I just ask you to insert the proper credits and a link to the Gaudí & Barcelona Club site (

I use to take pictures of Gaudi's works and of the city of Barcelona each week. So if you want to see pictures published in any subject just let me know and I will try to make you happy :-)

The Sagrada Família
4-6 June. Official donations weekend.

View from inside a tower.

Details of the top of the towers.
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View of the new crane.

Guided tour made by the Sagrada Familia Staff.

Detail of a sculpture and aerial view of the square.

Tower detail.

View from inside a tower window.

Donations desk and volunteers.

Detail of sculpture.

Detail of the stairs inside the towers.

Picture from inside a tower.

Tower detail.

Decorative motif detail.

Picture of the more recent towers and city view.

Details of the new construction.

Nativity façade.

People dancing "sardanes", the official dance of Catalonia.

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