September 26, 2002

A group of 70 high-school students from Belgium visited Barcelona for the week as a part of their "Senior-Class Trip". We had the privilege of arranging, for them, a Gaudí Tour on one of their days in the city. Their tour included the four most-visited Gaudí works in Barcelona -- Casa Batlló, La Pedrera, Park Güell, and Sagrada Familia. Unfortunately, I was only able to accompany them during the Park Guell portion, but since that happens to be my favorite sight in Barcelona, I wasn't too upset.

Again, I went along to take pictures for the website and get an idea of how the tours were run (I had just started working for the company two weeks prior). The large group was split into halves -- one with a French-speaking guide, the other, German. I decided to go along with the French half, althought it wouldn't have mattered, as I don't speak either language.
The kids were playful and fun, yet interested at the same time, and really seemed to appreciate the sights they were seeing and the information they were receiving. They were quite inquisitive as well.

I made a couple of friends in the group, and one nice girl even offered to translate the tour for me. The guide was great and overall the experience was a very positive one. Although being with the students made miss my own days as a carefree, traveling student, I can't complain. Working with this unique company and in this crazy city hardly constitutes "harsh reality".

Belgians, I wish I had been able to spend a bit longer with you guys. You were a very cool group. I hope you enjoyed your time with us. ¡Gracias!

Jordan Susselman, Public Relations