Commemoration of Gaudí Obituary

On June 10, 1926, it was 82 years ago that our beloved architect Antonio Gaudi Cornet left us and moved to heaven, due to a banal accident caused by a tram.

His innate sense of plasticity guided his artistic education with direct contemplation of the monuments and works of art that past generations bequeathed to us and also with the personal vision he had of nature.
His unsuspected points of view and quick phrases illuminated like lightening the questions debated in any gathering in which he took part.

He practiced his trade of architect as if he were a priest and even begged for alms to prevent the paralisation of the Sagrada Familia works. The beatification of Gaudí is currently under way.

You left us but we will soon see you at the altars.

San Antoni Gaudí

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