Vlasta Zugelj
Zagreb. Croatia

In 1988 I visited Barcelona and stayed there 5 weeks because I was a member of IAESTE program. I was a student of civil engineering, but had no idea about Gaudi.

As soon I arrived to Barcelona I discovered his work and inmediatelly begun to love it. Casa Batllo is my favourite, and as I was living in Mallorca street, I was "pilgriming" to Batllo every day. I visited all his work in Barcelona. In that time, there was no such a big interest for the same thing.

In September, after 11 years, I returned to the city (to visit some friends), and then I took the photo.

Now, I am civil engineer, live in Zagreb, Croatia. I like Barcelona for all its modernism architecture. And the city has really changed in passed years


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İVlasta Zugelj

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