Tim Beveridge
London. UK

"Many thanks for letting me send my pictured through - these are of the Sagrada Familia site at the end of May.. i can only send 3 at a time, but ill send some more soon! they are all jpeg format so they should load quite quickly..

I shall send some others!
All best wishes"

As you can see, he has already sent nine pictures.

Thank you very much Tim!!

All pictures are copyrighted
Tim Beveridge
Two aerial pictures (Http://www.gaudi2002.bcn.es)

Inside the nave, with sunlight pouring in

Looking down into the nave from the Nativity Facade, with the transept columns clearly visible

A close-up of the nave and Nativity Facade, with the first upper nave finial near completion.

Looking through the air vents in the Nativity Facade to the central nave pillars and the Passion Facade towers in the background.

Looking down at the topmost section of the nave - the upper finials, with the first near completion.

Looking across at the upper nave vaults

Looking through the upper nave vaults, with Gaudi's astonishing curved arches.

Inside the nave, in Gaudi's 'forest' of pillars.

The most complete upper nave finial.

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