I don't know if it will be of your interest, but we are in the month of february, and like the popular knowledge: "Por San Blas la cigüeña verás" ("by Saint Blas you will see the stork)". Although lastly it seems that they will neither go nor winter, this month is of their return to the nest, rehabilitation of the same or construction of a new one, if the humans have destroyed the nest that they had last year.
In Gaudi's palace in Astorga there are two consolidated nests in the two extrems of the building: one in the pinnacle and the second one in the cover of the palace.
Besides, you will see the foundations of a new nest in one of the pines cones too, that the storks are working little by little.

I'm curious to know: Which are the purpose of Gaudi putting these pines cones? Did he think in the storks? Did he think in huges angels that are now in the ground, next to the entrance? If it was to the angels, How he thought anchoring to the stone, in front the winds and temporals? Did Gaudí expect that the nests of the storks falls when it will make bigger and exploding roofs? Where can I read something about this theme?.

Thanks a lot
Natalio Saludes
Architect in Astorg

Tanks you, Natalio!

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