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Asociació Pro-Miranda

Maria Mercè told us that the Association already possesses the maps, budget, and documentation necessary to carry out the project, along with the apporoval of the City of Llinars del Valles, which should soon approve the purchase of a lot upon which to reconstruct the house -- which will become a cultural monument of the town.

But, before construction can begin, the City is asking that 75% of the funds be compiled up front. The Pro-Miranda Association is carrying out distinct activities and events to collect the money. Such activities include the Christmas Lottery, participation in the town fair or the production of wine glasses and posters.

To get the people's collaboration, one can subscribe as a "member" (by paying a quota of 5000 pesetas -- about $27 -- per year), as a "sympathizer" (voluntary quota), or as a collaborator (limited quota, with the right to announce it as such).

Currently, we at the Gaudi & Barcelona Club are trying to get the names of any members who contribute to the Pro-Miranda cause to appear on a distinct plaque somewhere on the house, once complete.

Maria Merce has lent us the following photographs of the house and various images of the project that the CAIRAT has developed.

Thank you very much, Maria Merece! And, good luck!!


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