Maria Jovillà
Barcelona. Spain

Maria gave us these two pictures of one Pessebre that she did in 1998. She tried to copy the cypress of the Sagrada Familia's Nativity Fachade and one of the Park Güell's entrance pavillion.

Pessebres are a representation of the Nativity scene that is very popular in Catalunya. Sant Francesc d'Assķs began this tradition in the XIII century when he was trying to explain Jesuchrist history with people and animals -like a play- to the people of Greccio, Italy. Some people copied the idea and represented at home the scene with little figures of wood or clay on a table decorated like a little scenery.

To put the Nativity scene is an act that gets all the family together, adults and children, in the special dates of Christmas and it was used to sing christmas songs in front of the Pessebre on Christmas day.

All pictures are copyrighted
©Maria Jovillà

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